Project of boats and ships

We make construction and detail projects of different kind of ships and boats.

We use the newest 3D design tools to allow both, the shipowner and the shipbuilder, to have a clear and visual idea of the subject they want to build. With this both, boatowner and boatbuilder, can make the modifications to the project they consider previously to the begining of the boatbuilding, and can see in a virtual environment the results of the modifications before to be built. This concerns a very important saving both in economic and time.

We use the latest tools for design, stability calculations, structural finite element analisys and hydrodynamics.

Types of ships and boats:

  • Recreational crafts
  • Fishing ships and boats
    • Industrial fishing
    • Trawlers
    • Seiners and purse seiners
    • Small fisheries
  • Hopper and port service ships and boats
  • Patrol and defence crafts
  • Survey crafts
  • Diving club boats
  • Captain training boats

Types of ship project:

  • Conceptual project
  • Preliminar project
  • Basic and contract project
  • Builiding project
  • Classification project
  • Detail project for construction
  • Project for amateur boatbuilding

Shipbuilding contract

We use to give assistance to the shipowner and shipbuilder when writting and discussing the shipbuilding contract, giving technical support. This document is of the upmost importance for define the contract relations between boatbuilder and boatwoner during boat construction.

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