Recreational craft CE marking

Up to some years, each European Union country had its own rules relative to security, noise and exhaust emissions requirements. This situation implied that, being into a unique market, the requirements in each country were differents from other countries.

During the year 1994 the European Parliament and the Council approved the Directive 94/25/CE, that standarizes the criteria to be applied to recreational crafts between 2.5 y 24 metres length. This directive was published in Spain in the Real Decreto 297/1998 and was modified by the Real Decreto 2127/2004.

With this rule appears the CE marking for recreational crafts and their components. That involves that the requirements needed for any recreational craft comercialized in the EU are the same regardless of the country. Since 1998 any new recreational boat commercialized in the EU has to be CE marked.

CE mark

Any recrational craft to be CE marked must follow some assessment conformity procedures regarding construction and quality assessment. Besides, there are some ISO standards harmnonised.

In our naval architecture consultancy we develope boatbuilding projects and we prepare the technical documentation to get the CE marking for individual crafts or for a boat series. Besides, as a consultancy we give advise to our customers about the steps to be followed to get the recreational craft CE marking.

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