Marine project management

Project management

We make project management for new building as well as for repairs and refitting.

According to the Royal Decree 1837/2000, the main function of the project manager is to supervise the correct process development, relating to maritime safety and marine environment pollution prevention.

Upon completion of a new building or refit, the project manager issues a document establishing that the work is finished according to the project and to the regulations currently in force. This document is endorsed by the Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Navales y Oceánicos.

This project management is usually required by the yard, but in other cases it is required directly by the owner.

Inspection and survey by the owner part

It is usual to work as owner surveyor, carrying out periodical surveys, the owner being duly informed on the progress of the new building or naval refit.

In a ownerboat inspection, the following items can be done:

  • Support the ownerboat in the Shipbuilding contract
  • Support the ownerboat to define the task to be done by the yard
  • Draw up the protocol of trials
  • Control the progress of the building
  • Control the fulfilling of the planings
  • Check that all the works are done as required by the shipbuilding contract
  • Check that the ISO 9001 procedures are fulfilled
  • Trials of the ship systems
  • Test of materials
  • Support and check yard trials
  • Support and check sea trials

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